Now – Before Beyond (Home Page)

Living Today, Despite Tomorrow’s Providence

Where I shall write of my journey – as I live it, experience it, and try to deal and cope with what happens to me in my medical, emotional, mental, and physical path from diagnosis to whatever lies before me…


I am completely cognizant of the fact that reading my entries may “bring you down” as I am chronicling my journey through this diagnosis, honestly. While realizing there is darkness in my writing, I also do my best to share all the other elements and emotions of my voyage as well. I know many souls will not be able to get past the earliest entries, because of the unvarnished straightforwardness – but I commend those of you who are strong enough to continue beyond that and see my world, in its many facets and, hopefully, find humor, inspiration, enlightenment, comfort, and support, in my candor. Perhaps you are living events similar to mine and in reading my blog, you will find a connection, a sharing of like experiences, a bond…


January 21, 2018 – (Begin at the link below)




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