About Me

I am playing or have played: piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, NAFs, shakuhachi, ocarinas, ukulele, Irish penny whistle, recorders, vocals, rim/end blown flutes, transverse flutes, karimbas, kalimbas, playing Moyo and Dhavani Drums made by Visionhawk Music, and more. I have six published books and contributed to several other books and publications. I love animals, writing, reading, music (bluegrass, classical, hard rock, heavy metal, country western, blues, southern rock, old time fiddle, etc..) watching movies, camping, Yosemite and Disneyland, the mountains, the coast, TV, nighttime sky watching, doing artwork, and more…
My books may be found here: Amazon Author’s Home Page
Another place my writing may be found is here: Author’s Page at Ezine Articles
And here you can find a list of my Additional Medical Diagnoses

My furboy, as a pup – so adorable!
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